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the 24hr race!


The Course

The all new route at TR24 is set to be a great mix of terrain and surface totalling 8km in length.  There's going to be a classic TR24 mix of woodland trails, technical sections, testing climbs, fast descents & plenty of trackside action.  As the race goes from day, to night and back again the challenge will keep changing to keep you on your toes.  TR24 is a really rewarding and fun trail running challenge.

Moving to our new venue at Powis Estate gives us an amazing landscape to develop a fresh course with a unique feel to it.  Over the coming weeks we will reveal more sneak peeks and previews of parts of the route to whet your appetite.

The Rules and Regulations of our Main Event...


Solo category - male and female

Pairs category - male, female & mixed pairs

Small Teams (3-5 runners) - male, female & mixed teams

Large teams (6-8 runners) - mixed teams only.


Once racing begins there can be no changes to the team line up. The order in which the runners go out on course can change but team members can not be substituted.


Solo Runners

Obviously, solo runners must race on their own for the 24 horus. Soloists can take breaks between laps as required but they must only leave & rejoin the course at the designated point after the start/finish arch. Any time off the course will be added to their next lap time when they resume.


All runners that are taking part must be signed in at registration before 11am on Saturday morning. To help reduce queues, one representative from a team may sign on for all members of the team and collects everyone's numbers, timing chips, relay baton & t-shirts. The runner/team representative must check that all the team details are correct at registration.

Race Numbers

Race numbers must be worn visibly while on course. Please write your emergency contact details on the reverse as well as any medical conditions we should be aware of, any medicines you are taking and if you have any allergies. If a competitor is found on course without their race number, their lap will be discounted from the race.


Race Rules (cont)

The Start

All solo runners and one member of each pair and team should line up behind the start arch in preparation of the start at midday Saturday. Runners should selfseed in order of their predicted lap time. 

The Baton

The relay baton must be carried by the 'on course' runner of Teams & Pairs at all times. Losing the baton will incur a 5 minute time penalty. Replacement batons can be requested from the commentary box or the timing team.


Team Handover

Runners can only hand over to the next member of their team at the designated changeover area immediately after the start/finish arch. To make the hand over the runner on course will keep left after the arch to head to the changeover pen and pass the baton to their team mate. Once the baton has been passed on, the new runner starts their lap leaving through the bottom of the changeover pen. Non-runners are not permitted in the changover pen. Try to reduce the time spent in the changeover pen by entering it as close to when you expect your team mate to be finsihing as reasonably possible.

If the next runner is nowhere to be seen when you finish a lap and come to the changeover pen (eg. they are still asleep in their tent!), you can choose to either go and find them, or start another lap yourself. If the on course runner intends to carry on for another lap, they should keep right when they pass under the arch and start the next lap.

Race Timing

The timing system is based around a transponder that should be worn on the ankle, or in your laces. Do not wear the transponder on your wrist.

As you pass over the mats at the start/finish arch the system will detect your timing chip and credit you with that lap and time. The clock then starts for the next lap whoever might be doing it. If another member of your team is doing the next lap, pass the baton to them, they set off and their lap time will stop when they pass over the timing mats when they return. Throughout the event screens will be available displaying lap times and category positions. If you have any queries regarding your lap times, please report them to the timing team immediately, do leave not leave it until later.

Race Rules (cont)

Minimum Laps

Each registered runner must complete at least one lap during the race for the team's score to count. There is no maximum number of laps!



Being a 24 hour race it’s going to get dark and all racers on course between sunset and sunrise must have a suitable working light. Sunset is at 21:15 so think about taking a light out on your lap before then as it could be getting dark before you finish the lap. Bear in mind how quickly it gets dark in the woods so please make sure your lights are charged and will see you through the whole night. Our lighting sponsors, Exposure Lights are able to recharge your lights and will have some demo units available to try.


The Finish

When the clock strikes 12noon on Sunday no more laps can be started, but any laps that have been started before 12noon can be completed and will count towards the final results.

Teams & solo runners can declare at any point, finish before midday, and their lap scores will still stand and be included in the results.


The winning team in a category will be the one that completes the most laps in the shortest time. An example of the results might look like this;

1st - Team A 24 laps in 24:42:00

2nd - Team B 23 laps in 24:02:14

3rd - Team C 23 laps in 24:15:42



The provisional results will be posted online as soon as possible after the completion of the race for everyone to review. Should you find any issues please email the timing team on with the details of your query and include your bib number. They will look into it and adjust the results if necessary. All queries must be made by 5pm on the Wednesday 26th July 2023.

Podium Presentation

The presentation will be conducted as soon as possible after the final runner is back over the line. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in all categories. Special awards will also be handed out to all solo runners that complete more than 100 miles (16+ laps).

Medical Issues

There will be a qualified medical team on site all weekend to deal with any issues for the duration of the event. The main First Aid point will be stationed in the main arena. Event staff, course marshals and the security team are able to radio for assistance from the medical team if requuired. We will also have a First Aid station positioned out on course at the most remote point to help out with any issues in the most timely manner.


Race Rules (cont)


Cheating will not be tollerated, whether that be substituting unregistered runners, cutting through tapes, taking short cuts and any other forms of cheating. Punishment is at the discretion of the organisers and can result in instant disqualification of the entire team.


Quiet Time

Remember to keep noise on the campsite to a minimum between 11:00pm and 07:00am.


We want everyone on site to have a great time but you must be considerate to others. There will be children and people that want to get as much sleep as possible given what many are at the event aiming to do. So again, please keep noise to a minimum and watch your language. Behaviour deemed to be antisocial could result in the team being disqualified from the race and the team and all those connected to the team having to leave the site.


Any issues can be reported to our security team on 07415 416048.


Ideally, we would prefer you not to use headphones whilst running. Enjoy the company of your fellow Thunder runners! However, due to the duration and nature of the event runners are permitted to run with one in-ear headphone only. Runners found to have two in-ear headphones in could be subject to a time penalty or have their lap discounted.


After a successful trial we continue to permit the use of bone-conducting headphones. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw the use of these if any issues arise.

Post Event

We recommed you take Monday off.  Have a lie in and eats lots of food... you've earned it!

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