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This has been an incredibly tough and truly devastating decision for us to come to, but we have had to make the call to postpone the 12th edition to Conti Thunder Run to 24th/25th July 2021.  Although there are several weeks left until the planned date for the event it now seems that we will still be under significant restrictions in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.  Although we would always do everything in our power to make the event go ahead, this won’t be done at the expense of public health.


With the government’s advice for social distancing and against mass gatherings and non-essential travel we are put into such a difficult position.  Even if there is some hope of the restrictions being lifted, partially or wholly, by July there is no guarantees of this and in the meantime self-isolation and working restrictions means it’s near impossible to complete all the necessary preparation work.  Although we bring in private medical cover and security for the event, we are ultimately supported by the NHS & emergency services and we should not unnecessarily add to their work load at a time when their efforts need to be focused on the wider public health situation.


As with the majority of the UK events industry we carry a number of insurance policies but none of these cover this eventuality with the Covid-19 outbreak.  Thunder Run is quite a big event, but please remember that we are a very small family company (there’s just the three of us!), so having to postpone is absolutely devastating and heart wrenching for us.  Pretty much overnight we have been put into a position where we are not allowed to run our business, receiving no revenue this year this whilst we have spent months working on the event and we have already committed a huge amount of money in logistics and other costs which are not recoverable.  So far it appears that none of the government’s business support measures apply to our particular situation leaving us facing many more tough days ahead.  Put simply, we have been told that we can not run our business for an indeterminate length of time with no support.  We cannot put into words what it feels like to have the business that we have worked so hard on forced into this position.


Rest assured we won’t be beaten by this and we will come back in 2021 and with the support of the amazing Thunder Run community we can make the event better than ever.  All entry fees will be deferred to the 2021 event and we have extended our refunds policy until 1st June 2021.  


Stay safe,

Alex, Patrick & Chris


If you feel you have a special connection with either PVS Events or Conti Thunder Run & should you wish to support us through these incredibly hard times, there’s a few things you might consider;


  • STICK WITH US!  Join us next year and be part of Conti Thunder Run 2021.  If you do decide that you have to cancel please email us confirming the team name(s) & email address(es) linked to your entries.

  • TREAT YOURSELF! - We have a number of great looking t-shirts, hoodies and buffs in stock for immediate dispatch.  So, if you were hanging on to pick one up in person at this event why not take the opportunity to get it in the post instead?  Check out the range here. 


  • JOIN OUR VIRTUAL EVENT – In lieu of being able to bring you Conti Thunder Run this year we would still like to do something for the amazing Thunder Run community, enabling them to come together and get involved with a shared running experience.  For 2020 we’d like to try and do a virtual 24.  Keeping fit is imperative in these times, the benefits for physical and mental health are well known.  Over the weekend of 18/19 July 2020 we would like to challenge you to run as much as you can wherever you are within 24hrs, so long as you run safely and responsibly and in line with the government guidelines.   Everyone that takes up the challenge will receive a commemorative medal, plus the best photos, funniest comments and most inspirational stories will win some great prizes.  To learn more visit

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